The Beginning

We’re here. My first blog post. Inspired in part by my very dear cousin @theprosperousredhead, and in part by the hope that this will be an outlet for my abundance of thoughts, whether they be inspired and orderly or just plain incoherent!

I have been pondering quite a bit lately in the brief moments available between attempts to embrace the new roles that 2017 is seeming to entail.

At first these were almost exclusively feelings of being stuck, of wanting be anyone else anywhere else and of rushing to rebuild self-worth by trying to reach the finish line of many things at once. In the routine of daily life, however, this is rarely possible. Coming to respect and appreciate where I find myself in life right now (it hasn’t been a swift process) has been unusually liberating. Embracing the feeling of not having mastered a particular skill may seem counter intuitive, but as a result I have been able to wallow freely in the intrigue and wonder of the continual process of learning, in that oft-elusive feeling that anything is possible in the future and that it is impossible to know exactly where this new journey of learning will lead or what opportunities it will present.

I feel as if other, future blog posts ought to be dedicated to the journey, but suffice to say for now: be thankful for uncertainty; it invites possibilities and fluidity into life that would not be possible if every day was a known quantity. It is so often a negative and can induce a fair amount of stress, but my experiences so far are teaching me that perhaps it should be taken as a gift and opportunity. Keep discovering, and I would love any feedback if something in this post has resonated with you! Until next time xxx



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